Macadamia nut cookies

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I am not big with cooking pies and dessert in general, but had quite a chunk of butter left and there was no way I would eat it all on toast. So I figured if a third grader can bake a batch of cookies, I should too.

Macadamia nut cookies




1 cup butter

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

2 1/2 cups flour

1 cup macadamia nuts

1 tsp baking soda

Optional: You can add vanilla extract, chocolate chunks, almond extract or other nuts.


Macadamia nut cookies recipe

Preheat your oven to 350F or 175C.

Mix the butter and sugar together.

Beat one egg at a time in the mixture, until it is a smooth dough.

Add the flour and baking soda

Mix in the nuts and whatever else flavor you want your cookies to have. I chopped the nuts but you can keep bigger chunks.

With a spoon, form the cookies on a greased tray or baking sheet.

Put in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the cookies. It is enough when they are light brown.




They turned out pretty good, really sweet (you can lower the sugar) and fluffy, but some were a bit stuck on my greased metal tray, if you have baking sheets that should be much easier.

A third grader would have made much nicer shapes I am sure.

Do you have an easy cookie recipe you would like to share? Or an easy sweet treat with simple ingredients?

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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the shape – at the end of the day it’s what they taste like!
    For simple recipes I love – there are plenty of great tasting meals which use only a few ingredients and don’t take much preparation. In particular I love the pulled beef and slaw tacos.
    Financial Independence recently posted..Motif Investing ReviewMy Profile

  2. My favourite word that I use for homemade food that doesn´t look like something from a Gourmet food magazine, is rustic! Which makes it sounds so much more fabulous;-)
    my favourite sweet treat right now is instant frozen yogurt. Mix plain yoghurt with frozen berries and add a dash of sweetener; voila! It tastes like heaven!
    The Norwegian Girl recently posted..Places to drink and dine in Gamla Stan – The Old Town in StockholmMy Profile

    • They are so rustic lol. I do the same for frozen yogurt, sometimes I add granola too, and if the fruit is not frozen then just a little bit of water and a lot of ice that makes for less yogurt too so less calories.

  3. Wow, that looks really good. Thanks for sharing.
    Free Money Minute recently posted..What is a 529 Plan?My Profile

  4. Those look really good and since my wife and I are both sweets people, we definitely might have to make these! I don’t have a recipe to share unfortunately but I love my sweets.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..How Much Would You Spend on a Once In A Lifetime Experience?My Profile

  5. I’m no cook, but I do love me a good macadamia cookie. This sounds like a great recipe.
    Matt Becker recently posted..You Have to Allow Failure in Order to Promote GrowthMy Profile

  6. I’m not a big cookie eater…but those look delicious!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..A Career in Sales Isn’t for EveryoneMy Profile

  7. Ok, now I am hungry. 😉 We love Macadamia nut cookies, but have never made them. We might have to make use of your recipe.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Should You Pay Off Debt or Invest in the Stock Market First?My Profile

  8. My mother-in-law makes these peanut butter cookies that are pretty much equal parts sugar and peanut butter and then baked (not 100% sure on this, there may be like 1 more ingredient). They taste pretty much awesome.

  9. Those look yummy but since I do not eat cookies anymore, I will eat the macadamia itself.
    Demaish @ Borrowed Cents recently posted..The three paycheck month equals winningMy Profile

  10. I love macadamia nut cookies. So yummy!
    Michelle recently posted..Is A House Right For You?My Profile

  11. Shannon @ The Heavy Purse says:

    Those look delicious! My secret vice is chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. I don’t even need it in a fancy dessert. Just a small piece puts a big smile on my face. Add in a glass of red wine and I’m a happy person!
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted..Money Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive in CollegeMy Profile

  12. Those look goooood! I’m not much of a cookie baker, I usually leave that to Brian, but I love a good, simple chocolate chip cookie – not too large, chewy, and with big chunks of milk chocolate. Yum.
    CF recently posted..Remembering to take care of yourselfMy Profile

  13. I love macadamia nuts. My wife uses cookie dough scoops to make balls of the dough before cooking. You find the scoops for around $10 on Amazon.
    Bryce @ Save and Conquer recently posted..An Ideal Portfolio for Most InvestorsMy Profile

  14. Yum! What an easy recipe, I will have to try it out. I tend not to make baked goods from scratch, but my mom makes cheesecake from a really simple recipe. Just the bars of creamcheese, sugar, butter, milk and eggs. I’m probably forgetting something as I don’t have the recipe available right now, but it’s fairly easy. She also makes a super simple chocolate pudding pie, and to make pudding I think you only need to add milk to the mix.
    E.M. recently posted..What Our Day Trip Cost UsMy Profile

  15. hey, she’s baking look at her go!!! These are one of my favourite cookies although I’ve never made them. I was only slightly laughing at the shapes I swear… lol… it doesn’t matter though… it all goes down the same place. Cheers mate!
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..Money isn’t everything happiness isMy Profile

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