Carnival of Financial Independence, eight edition

Welcome to the second edition of the Carnival of Financial Independence, a selection of the best articles related to Financial Independence this week. If you would like to be included next week, please submit your post via Blogger Carnivals

The guidelines are:

  • You can submit a post that was published during the last month
  • The posts have to relate to reaching financial independence, and fit within the following categories: Savings and Simple living, Travel and Lifestyle, Wealth and  Passive income, Real Estate and Investing, or Self employment.
  • Submit by Thursday night for the Saturday edition
  • Please mention the carnival in your roundups if you have been featured!


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Travel and Lifestyle


Mochimac explains what you should pack if you are traveling to a much hotter or colder country on The Budgeting Tool.

If you would like to retire in Guatemala, all the information about immigration, housing and banking is on San Pedro Itza.

Jessica from Mo Money Mo Houses brings us a bit of sun with diaries of her Thailand trip, while Jay recommends you follow those tips to avoid fraud when booking a trip online on The First Million is the Hardest.

Lauren knows how to ruin a friendship: lend money to your friend. On L Bee and the Money Tree.

Grayson reminds us that spending on what matters to you is the whole purpose of money on Debt Roundup.

No, the universe is not conspiring against you, and yes, you can make things better. Gareth studies the Art of optimism at Helpful Habits,

Girl Meets Debt will not push her kids through college, as it may not be the best way to turn them into successful adults.


Wealth and Passive Income


No more excuses! You too can build wealth and MMD shows you the way on My Money Design.

Robert shares five secrets from the millionaires next door on The College Investor.

Joe gives advice on how to invest a lump sum on Retire by 40. Greg from Club Thrifty recommends you do nothing until the emotions wear off, to avoid any costly mistakes.

If you want to grow your net worth, Nelson from Financial Uproar recommends you stop keeping so much cash on hand and invest instead. You can always resort to credit in case of emergency.

Kevin wonders what early retirement really means on Invest It Wisely

Real Estate and Investing


Chris from Stumble Forward goes through all the steps of building your own home. Make sure you don’t forget a thing!

Adina shares a few renovation projects you can do yourself on Timeless Finance.

Adam from Money Bulldog shares a worrying piece of news about UK mortgage rates.

Your Wealth Planners explains the process of buying a home in France.

Money Beagle shares his view about the stock market after the Dow Jones hit an all times high. Or is it? On Don’t Quit Your Day Job, PK points out it is 12% below its historical high if you adjust for inflation. Not a reason to sell, according to A Blinkin from Funancials. Barb also weighs in on what you should do when the market peaks on Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Digital Personal Finance reminds us that financial freedom won’t happen unless you plan for it.

Suba looks at investments in India, and whether the high interest rate makes up for the potential currency fluctuations on Wealth Informatics.

Doctor Stocks guest posts on I Hear Budgets about how to get started with investing, and Monevator helps us determine our risk tolerance.



Self employment


Need a free editor for your blog? Sam may have the perfect solution on Yakezie.

Kim  from Eyes on the Dollar gives us a peak at what weeks look like when you run your own optometric practice. Not a dull day in sight.

Maria shares four strategic ways of increasing your income on The Money Principle.

Sydney from Untemplater gives tax tips for entrepreneurs. Whatever your trade is, do not mess with the IRS! KC from Gen X Finance has an hilarious list of the weirdest write-offs taxpayers tried to pull.

Jose from Wise Dollar looks at ways to deal with the loss of a job. Create your own job and you’ll never get fired.

Kevin came up with 34 reasons why being a freelance blog writer is an awesome gig.



Saving and Simple Living


Kevin from Thousandaire and Len Penzo both had posts about a looming economic collapse recently. Better stock food and water, buy a gun and learn to barter. You can also learn to bake sourdough bread with this recipe from Memoirs of a Norwegian Girl.

Amanda reviews some energy saving devices you can fit even if you rent your house on Frugal Confessions.

Spring it a short week away! Time to plant your garden and dust your bicycle. Nicole has some gardening tips on Frugal Rules, Jen teaches us an easy way to start a minimalist garden on The Happy Homeowner, and  Mr CBB is also starting his gardening season with some delicious vegetables grown from seeds on Canadian Budget Binder.

Tony shows you how to simplify your lifestyle by breaking free from consumerism on You Only Do This Once.



Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

A 30 something French girl embarking on a journey towards Financial Independence. I blog about money, travel, simple and deliberate living, freedom and choices. You can find me on Twitter, Google+, or Reach Financial Independence's Facebook Page

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  19. “No, the universe is not conspiring against you, and yes, you can make things better.”

    Pauline, that is poetic – in fact you just summed it up better in that single statement than I did in my entire post. I will quote and attribute you with that in a future post.

    Thanks for the great link in your carnival Pauline, it’s massively appreciated. Link or no link though, I find your blog a great read, and despite our topics having only a tenuous link I will always give you a mention where I can.

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