Make yourself a 10 grand investment fortune


Start thinking because you could be in with a chance by playing a cool online treasure hunt over the next 10 days. Crowdfunding network Money&Co. opened up the Fortune Finder hunt today where you have the chance to win an investment fortune of £10,000 as well as prizes of investment worth £1,000. [Read more...]

Using Oscillators for Contrarian Investing

Good morning! Today Troy continues with the investing for beginners series and now, he is going to discuss how to use Oscillators to determine how Overbought or Oversold a Market is.

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All by myself… How being single made me less afraid and more confident

All by myself… How being single made me less afraid and more confident

No, this is not a sob story about how my recent breakup has turned me into a way less appealing version of Bridget Jones… But now that BF is gone, I am truly by myself, in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle, and sometimes, I wish there were two of us to deal with things. Shit tends to happen more in remote locations, or at least its impact is way higher than in the city, where pretty much anything is a phone call away. [Read more...]

Easiest Way Ever To Know How Much Money You Need For Retirement

Over at Savvy Scot, Jon from Money Smart Guides, shares the easiest way ever to know how much money you need for retirement. 

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And on Make Money  Your Way, Troy will tell us a little bit about the history of trend following and when did trend following work well.

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Tip For Retirement: Don’t Play the Lottery. But Still Pick 6 (Habits).


Best Practices for the Inexperienced or Seasoned Investor Alike.

This is a guest post by Rob Pivnick, author of What All Kids (and adults too) Should Know About . . . Saving & Investing, Twitter: @RPivnick, [Read more...]

Understanding The Basics of The Thrift Savings Plan

Hi everyone,today I have a guest post from Marvin of and who will talk about understanding the basics of the thrift savings plan.

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And over at Savvy Scot, I will talk about a word about helping and gratefulness.

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House swap with Guatemala anyone?


I wrote a post recently about how I am such a spoiled girl and living on the beach all year long has deterred me of going on beach holidays anymore, even though I live by a lake and those would be by the sea. Belize and Honduras, in spite of having the world’s second largest reef barrier, and Cancún’s Riviera Maya with its shiny white sand have little to offer for the kind of holiday I am looking for. [Read more...]

The cost of spending a winter in Guatemala

The cost of spending a winter in Guatemala

Retiring abroad permanently may not be in your long term plans, but how about escaping the long and dark winters for 3-6 months a year? Sounds like a good compromise between living abroad and staying at home? I have already talked a bit about how much it costs to live in Guatemala, but this post breaks down the cost of spending a winter in Guatemala. [Read more...]

Of course the rich want to keep the middle class down!

Of course the rich want to keep the middle class down!

Financial Samurai had an interesting post recently asking if rich and powerful people are trying to keep the middle class down. I went through the comments and was really surprised to find that the vast majority said “of course not!” and there were some shy “maybes”, mostly pointing the rich are trying to keep their circle closed. Of course they want to keep the poor down! I am surprised at the comments to be the first one to say it clearly. Maybe because in Guatemala, it is way more obvious. [Read more...]

Potential pitfalls of being self employed


Working for yourself can seem like the dream job. Who wouldn’t want to avoid the daily commute, not to mention the demands of an impatient boss? Certainly, many Britons are deciding that self-employment is the right option for them — so much so that the UK is now fast-becoming Western Europe’s self-employment capital. The government says that there are now almost five million people in Britain working for themselves, up from the 3.9 million who were self-employed at the beginning of the financial crisis. [Read more...]