Smart forex investment through genuine and meaningful reviews


These days every individual needs to ensure that apart from regular income he/she also needs to have additional source of income or get their money invested into some financial plans where it can reap profit. A practical and smart financial planning always includes right investment where people may get regular returns and this is also the need of the hour for every individual as well as household. A right financial planning is the source of relaxation and motivation to keep going in life and this is the reason it is always advised to start early and make a solid foundation so as to investment and savings become your habit. There are multiple options of investment out of which people prefer online trading and forex trading these days because of healthy returns. [Read more...]

Start Investing with $100 or Less

Many people delay investing due to limited funds. However, there are several options that can be started for under $100.

Here are 4 choices that may deserve a place in your investment portfolio: [Read more...]

Why you can be a bad trader and still make money

Happy Tuesday everyone! Over at Make Money Your Way, Rolf from explains the importance of risk reward ratio and how to use it.

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Don’t leave your financial future to the “experts”


Some things should never be entrusted to others.

Choosing your home. Raising your kids. Managing your health. You’d never delegate such things to someone else and walk away, no matter how skilled the “expert” is. [Read more...]

A golden mistake

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On my quest of finding alternative investments to generate passive income, I was first drawn to foreign exchange, also known as Forex. Why? Because I traveled a lot, was a bit aware of world events, and thought I knew where the currencies were going. There are lots of sites out there like that help you get started with online currency trading in just a few clicks. They have tons of charts and even training materials so you can learn a bit more about the technical aspect of trading. I remember reading a lot about it, and starting a demo account to practice. While my predictions were generally pretty accurate over the long term, weathering the short term market swings was not my forte. [Read more...]

How I Celebrated Mother’s Day

Mothers day

When we think of the month of MAY, the month of mothers automatically comes to mind. Our mothers are really important to us because they’re the one who gave us life and guided us all the way. I chatted with some of my friends from college and we agreed to have a pre-mother’s day celebration last Saturday.

Actually, 12 years after graduation, we decided to meet again, had lunch together and after having a very long chat, moved to a different place to chill and enjoy some cold beers. :) It’s so nice talking with your old friends, about motherhood and how you handle some problems and happiness. The laughter that we had yesterday was really great; we also talked about our college day experiences. [Read more...]

How to Future Proof your Business


When you’ve invested time and money in a business, it can be easy to get caught up in individual accomplishments, without considering what tomorrow will bring. However, focusing solely on the present may work to ensure that any successes you have are merely fleeting. [Read more...]

Most Affordable Places to retire in the USA


It can seem as though finding a place where you can be comfortable physically and financially is going to be a long task. However, there are many cities where you could live affordably with their cost of living and taxes. Today, we are discussing some of the most affordable places to retire in the USA. [Read more...]

Best side hustle gigs you can start right now

Often when you think about starting a side hustle, one of the things that put you off is you don’t want to spend money to make money. Printing business cards, buying things to resell, renting even a desk at a shared office represent some upfront costs for which you don’t want to risk you hard earned money. Well thank goodness for the internet. Now anyone can start a side hustle from home and reach thousands of potential customers in just a few clicks. With platforms like Fiverr, you can leverage the quantity of gigs you get, even if the payout per basic gig is pretty low at $5, you can also add extras or charge for express work.

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Spending On Fun Summer Activities On A Budget


With summer almost here and upcoming holidays like Fourth of July and Labor Day it doesn’t hurt to fit in some recreational activities that will make your summer a blast. You don’t have to dip into your savings account to purchase items that will fill your summer with active and pleasurable activities. With Groupon Coupons you have access to over thousands of coupons that will let you spend less while building up your savings. [Read more...]