Finding My Path to Financial Independence Through Mobile Home Investing

Path to Financial Independence Through Mobile Home Investing

Over a decade ago, I made the decision to become a full-time real estate investor by reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Inspired by the material, I learned the importance of passive income to achieve financial independence. Upon finishing the book, I decided real estate would be my path to get there. My plan was to build enough cash to eventually buy and hold properties for cash flow. Little did I know what lay ahead — the road was bumpy and I was not prepared for what came next. [Read more...]

Selling the Old, Buying the New: Creative Financing for UK Homeowners


Buying and selling your house is not as simple as perhaps it used to be, with less fluidity in the housing market in general and a tightening of the mortgage lending rules, so you need to be savvy in order to get the best deal and be able to move when you want to.

Here is look at how to get the best deal when buying and selling, and an insight into some other alternatives to consider if you want to move on from your existing home. [Read more...]

10 ways to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym

Happy Monday everyone! Do you want to get fit without going to the gym? Over at Savvy Scot my V.A. Clarisse listed 10 ways how to get fit without going to the gym.

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Frequent Flyer Miles Booking Service

Frequent Flyer Miles

I’m able to make money my own way by starting a side hustle when I was working my full-time job as an engineer. This side hustle of mine is a frequent fly miles redemption service, which is helping clients redeem their own miles for air travel because it can be confusing or overwhelming for those who are not versed in the rules and guidelines of frequent flyer miles.


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Start Your Own Business: A Financial Guide


With a record number of new businesses founded in the UK in 2013, the past couple of years have been the beginning of a new era for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

However, starting up a business is not as easy as some startups make it look. Many promising new businesses fail, and it may take a few years before you’re company achieves a reliable level of financial security. [Read more...]

Going to a Secret Paradise on a Budget

Secret Paradise on a Budget

Last Sunday, my whole family just had our early summer getaway to Lala’s Eco Park. We decided to pick a place that is far away from our small city to have some quality time together. Since we don’t have a car, we only rode our motorcycle, which added more excitement to the trip. We noticed that the road was not fully asphaltedyet, almost all the roads that we drove on were rough roads, I think that was the only bad part of going there. When we arrived, the place was stunningly beautiful; the swimming pools were turquoise and clean, and the surrounding breathtaking [Read more...]

4 Surefire Online Jobs for College Students

Good morning everyone, today over at Make Money Your Way, I have a guest post from Basheer Ahmad, who writes about an article that specialized in letting you know about the few surefire ways of making money being a college or university student.

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The cost of cashing on annuities

cost of cashing on annuities

After George Osborne’s Budget announcement that up to five million pensioners would be able to cash a lump sum for their pension instead of a guaranteed annuity, concern has risen regarding the stability of the whole setup.  At the moment, when taxpayers pay into their pension fund, they enjoy a tax relief of 32%, or up to 50% depending on their tax banding. This is made so the taxpayer can be supported in retirement instead of having to rely on social security. The main concern with a lump sum is if the pensioner spends it all on frivolities, or give it to his children, he would then be able to claim social security, meaning taxpayers would have paid twice for his pension. [Read more...]

How to Deal With a Large Decline in Stocks

Large Decline in Stocks

We are now 6 years into this bull market in U.S. stocks. There have been historical bull markets that lasted even 8-10 years, but these cases are rare. In other words, the current bull market is aging, which increases the probability of a bear market. In addition, it’s been a while since the last large correction (almost 4 years), which increases the possibility of a large correction. [Read more...]

When Money’s Tight, A Payday Advance Loan Can Make All The Difference



In 2015, millions of people in this country will find themselves unexpectedly short on money. This can happen for a wide variety of reasons. You might have last-minute expenses during the week. You might incur medical bills for expensive medications and treatments. You might have emergency home repairs. In any case, a payday loan can help make all the difference when attempting to meet all of your bills. However, finding the right lending company is vital when you need help.The organization you choose should employ responsible lending policies that encourage people to engage in intelligent borrowing. This is essential if you are going to borrow without long-term problems. [Read more...]