How to Fight Fraud this Christmas

Fraud is an evergreen issue that can affect us at any time of year. However, as we’re busy running around, trying to make sure we remember to buy presents for everyone this Christmas, it’s easy to understand why we could be more at risk of falling victim to fraud over the festive period than at any other time of year. [Read more...]

Christmas Celebration in the Pinas “Philippines”

Good morning everyone! Today, my VA Clarisse will share how they spend their Christmas Celebration in the Pinas “Philippines”.

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Charity pledge for education, October


Yes, I know it is December and I am late with so many posts, but real life has taken over, and will always be more important than online stuff, so please bear with me. I won’t merge October and November into one post as many things have happened in November so I don’t want to make some 3,000 word posts either!

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Should You Start A Gold IRA?

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Your retirement investments are most likely going to be the most important investments you ever make. The reality is that we work all of our lives in an attempt to set ourselves up nicely for our golden years. With so much going on economically and geopolitically around the world, a traditional IRA may be a dangerous idea. Today, we’ll talk about the economic and geopolitical turmoil we’ve seen and how making the decision to start a gold IRA could be a great way to protect your retirement investments.
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Using Magnitude Extreme vs. Time Extreme

Good morning! Today Troy continues with the investing for beginners series over at Make Money Your Way.


There are other ways of determining if the market is Overbought or Oversold – this is done by looking at magnitude extremes and time extremes, click here to read more..

Just forget about your investments already!

Good morning everyone! Over at Make Money Your Way, I talk about that one big mistake investors make, selling too soon, and holding to losing positions for too long.


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Three ways to save time in the kitchen

We are all busy, and we all want to spend time doing things that are important to us, be it spending more time with the kids, enjoying a hobby or focusing on our careers. Not doing routine tasks like cooking. Still, today I want to show you that there are ways to save time in the kitchen, so you still get to eat a healthy homemade meal without spending hours preparing it.

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October blog income and stats

Happy Monday! Better late than never, I finally got it together and tallied the blog income for October, click here to read more about it on Make Money Your Way!

Little house in Guatemala, it was 2 years ago…

Want to buy my place? Get in touch!

I can’t believe it was two years ago when I arrived in Guatemala with only one suitcase, ready to live in the remote Northern region of Petén, where (my now ex-)BF and I had bought a house I had never seen but in pictures. Here is a small recap of all that has happened…

It was an old house by the lake, almost abandoned. The previous owner hadn’t been there in years [Read more...]

A Step By Step Guide on How to Get Out of Debt

get out of debt

Combating debt can be a perilous task. You may not know where to start. You may feel that you have nowhere to turn to. But, you don’t have to be burdened by debt any longer. On the contrary, you can ensure that you are living a debt free life for the long term. [Read more...]