BIG $500 cash or iPad mini 64Gb giveaway!

BIG anniversary $500 cash or iPad mini 64gb giveaway

July is a big month around here, RFI just turned two, MMYW just turned one, and Savvy Scot is happy to join along for a HUGE giveaway!

It has been a great year over at Make Money Your Way. 178 posts from that first welcome one, almost 150,000 pageviews, $10,500 in revenue, 10% donated to sponsor young girls’ education in my village, a PR3, and thousands of comments and positive feedback that made it a fantastic experience.

So to celebrate, I am giving away some cold hard cash!

Over the next month, you can enter for a chance of winning $500 cash via Paypal or an iPad mini 64gb, up to you! Shipment tothe U.S., Canada, the UK and mainland Europe is included if you choose the iPad.

Here is the widget, good luck!

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Together Mutual Prince George Birthday Infographic

As the nation prepares to celebrate the 1st birthday of Prince George this Thursday, home insurance specialist, Together Mutual Insurance, has compiled some top tips on safeguarding the home for those with a little havoc-wreaking prince or princess of their own. These include: opting for easy clean wallpaper, as children love scribbling (especially on walls). Baby proofing sharp corners, but also check that in doing so, you won’t damage or devalue your favourite piece of furniture. Investing in hard wearing sofas as although standard contents policies include an element of cover for accidental damage – including stereo equipment and glass-in furniture – they don’t cover accidental damage to other goods or actual furnishings. A standard home insurance policy doesn’t cover portable electrical equipment and clothing for accidental damage. So, as much as your phone or iPad pacifies your child, it might be better to get them a child friendly version and to hang your favourite expensive jacket out of harm’s way. For more information please see the below infographic.


Together Mutual Prince George Birthday Infographic



Together Mutual Insurance is a home insurance provider of individual and combined buildings and contents cover to policyholders throughout the UK. It is the first consumer-facing brand of UIA; a specialist mutual company which has been providing high quality insurance for over 100 years.

As a mutual company, Together Mutual is able to put ‘people before profits’ and all profits are reinvested into giving great value cover and exceptional service to customers, as well as making things better for the wider community.


Money Activities for Kids and iPad Mini Giveaway




Today I am please to have the lovely Shannon from The Heavy Purse over to talk about money activities for kids. Having worked from a young age, I am all for teaching kids the value of money and giving them as many work opportunities as possible. That is a job Shannon is doing handsomely with her two girls, and she even wrote a book to help you do the same at home. Let me know if you would like to guest post on RFI.

Pauline is someone I have long admired for her ability to find non-traditional ways to earn money that gives her the freedom to do the things she loves. I want my girls to look at money with the same curiosity, rather than fear, and to learn how to use it to their advantage as well. For me, that means getting them very comfortable with handling money and making good decisions with it.

I’ve been a Certified Financial Planner for more than 20 years and it surprises me how many people lack financial confidence. This is often a result of money being a taboo topic in most homes, so kids learn how to handle money by trial and error. It’s time to break the cycle and here are few money activities to get you started.

Ages 3-6: Set a Family Share Goal

My youngest did not want to share money initially, which is actually pretty common. Because sharing is a core family value in our home, I needed to find a way for Taylor to embrace sharing without making her resent it. We set a family share goal and chose a local animal shelter because we knew how much our girls loved animals. Taylor was thrilled when she found out how the money would be used when she hand-delivered our donation. Now Taylor loves to share.

I recommend setting family share goals when your children are very young. Make the goal tangible where you can either physically donate the money (as we did) or volunteer to support a cause. This way your kids can experience how good sharing feels. As an added bonus, helping your kids develop a sharing mindset is one of the best defenses against creating entitled kids.

Ages 6-9: The Grocery Store Game

Grocery stores offer many wonderful teachable moments. Invite your kids into the kitchen with you to help plan your weekly meals. Explain how meal planning can minimize waste and help you spend less. Give your kids your weekly grocery budget and have them look for coupons to increase savings. Set aside the saved money and do something fun with it at the end of the month. Now they understand how budgeting, meal planning and comparison shopping can free up more money to do other things.

Ages 9-12: Build a Hypothetical Stock Portfolio

Investing intimidates many adults, which is why we need to remove the fear now, so they feel confident when it is time to start investing for real. Start with some basic investment terms and concepts, such as risk tolerance, stocks, bonds, buy, hold, sell, etc. Next build a hypothetical portfolio of companies they know, such as Mattel or Disney, and begin following their stock prices. Now you’ll have a chance to experience market volatility as you watch your imaginary earnings increase and decrease and determine when to buy or sell and see the consequences of doing so.

Ages 12-18: Manage Their Clothing Budget

Clothes tend to become increasingly important to teens, so they will likely be receptive to the idea of owning their clothing budget. Clearly outline the budget, how the money will be dispersed (lump sum, monthly or quarterly) and whether you will still provide the basics, such as a coat, scarf, gloves, etc. Help them figure out how to stretch their budget to cover wants and needs and weigh the outcomes of their choices. Most importantly, let them make mistakes and figure out solutions.

Making Money Conversations Fun and Easy

Financial literacy is my passion, and it is easy for me to talk to my girls about money, but I know it’s a struggle for some parents. One easy and fun way to help you start these important conversations and shape how your kids think about money is through my children’s picture books. I’m pleased to offer Making Sense of Cents readers an exclusive coupon code TOUR3114 for $3.00 off my new book, The Lemonade Stand. Join Lauren and Taylor in their continuing money adventures as they teach their friends, Ryan and Christopher, how easy it is to save, spend and share.

About the Author: Shannon Ryan is a Certified Financial Planner and a Mom on a mission to help busy parents teach their children simple, value-based principles that guide their money decisions and support their long-term financial well-being.

The Lemonade Stand – iPad Mini Giveaway

July 14-31, 2014

Sponsored by The Heavy Purse

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We’re Giving Away an iPad Mini to One Lucky Reader!

Help us celebrate the release of The Lemonade Stand and join Shannon in her mission to increase financial literacy in both children and adults.

“Everyone handles money. Unfortunately, not everyone does it with confidence. Money has long been a taboo topic in many homes, which makes it even harder for parents to know where to start or what to teach. So I created a series of children books to help parents ease into these important conversations. Financial literacy is one of the most loving gifts you can give your children, and I encourage you to make money conversations a priority in your home.”

The giveaway runs from July 14-31, 2014 and is open worldwide.*

* A winner located outside of the United States will receive a cash equivalent prize via PayPal.

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UAE Loan costs could drop with new credit score system


A new credit scoring system, aimed at improving the UAE’s financial infrastructure is expected to lower loan costs in the region by a drastic 30%.

By-laws have been approved to create the nationwide credit bureau and every UAE resident with an ID card will be part of the credit database. It is hoped the venture will help to improve lending by establishing the financial position of lenders for borrowers – and in turn, it would then in theory enable lower lending costs for good customers.

The bad news is that for bad customers who regularly make late or missed payments, rates could increase. But this is considered a better approach than basing interest rates on employer or nationality.

It is also thought it could be a first step toward decriminalising bounced cheques too, if the Bureau is a success.

In order to obtain credit information, an application would need to be made, abiding by the rules of the Central Bank of the UAE. The credit report obtained would then include any information on whether the candidate has a history of defaulting payments or any judicial decisions against them.

The applicant should also meet the conditions of the Al Etihad Credit Bureau Company, however, which has worked extremely closely with not only the Central Bank, but also various government bodies, in order to define the framework.

However, it was delayed in its expected launch earlier this year by a failure to compile accurate data in time.

Nonetheless, once completed, it is thought it will help to vastly improve the sector and enable both sides – consumer and banking industry – to better their financial organisation. It will help banks to better see what consumers can realistically afford, and prevent lenders from taking out a personal loan that is beyond their means. It is always advisable for customers to use a loan calculator and be sensible about what they really need.

But the best part is undoubtedly going to be seen by many, that it carries the potential for a slash in lending costs. It was predicted a year ago by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, that loan costs should see a drop as big as 30% in a short space of time after the launch.

The Vice-Chairman of the Bureau and also Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Younis Al Khouri made the comments at the time based on statistics from the Corporation. He also stated that costs for the provision of a credit report would be ‘reasonable’, and consumers could shop around various banks for the best price for the advantage of knowing their own credit rating.

The move is expected to be well-received if it provides more choice and freedom for consumers, as well as giving them knowledge and also helping to lower lending costs. This is expected to be warmly welcomed by lenders, who have seen an increase recently in lending – albeit marginal – in the likes of default rates on credit cards. This has been to maintain safer lending and prevent a repeat of back in 2009, when due to the economic crisis it rose to an unmanageable level.

The UAE has been at pains in recent years to ensure that its actions are all geared towards improving the financial infrastructure, making it more stable for both banks and consumers, and encouraging more responsible and protected lending.

Saving Money at Baby Showers

Today, we have a guest post from Glen of How to Save Money Guru, who asked his wife to share her best tips for finding the right baby shower gift and not blowing your budget.

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