32 random facts

32 random facts

As Tackling our Debt and Plunged in Debt did last week, I am doing a ”get to know me better” post, with 32 random facts about me. I turned 32 yesterday, so that’s why I came up with this number.

  1. I don’t really like birthdays, especially since Facebook. Or getting old. Or both. Actually I am not 32. I have been 29 for three years.

  2. My name is Pauline. It is hard to say for some people so they call me Pao or Paolin. My family calls me Paulinette. I like it. I hate Paula, Paulina, Paola, it is not me.

  3. I play the piano since I am 5 and I lament not having one since mine got stolen six years ago (yes, someone stole a piano from me, that’s another story).

  4. I am typing with a Guatemalan keyboard but my computer is UK so I type on a key and another letter comes out on the screen. I am used to it, my friends get crazy when they borrow my laptop.

  5. I am an introvert / INFP

  6. I hate everything unfair, so I can make a big deal out of a small thing if I think that I am not being treated fairly

  7. If you snore next to me there is a great chance that I will do unpleasant things to make you stop

  8. I want to have a big family with many kids. My grandparents have 7 children.

  9. I speak six languages well, and know how to get by in half a dozen more.

  10. I would rather have a conversation with one or two people than a dinner with 12 people.

  11. People say I have an old soul.

  12. I have eaten a cow’s udder, some sheep testicles, and the usual French delicacies such as snails and frogs legs.

  13. My favorite food in the uncommon category is duck liver paté, or Foie Gras in French.

  14. I really want to learn how to make cheese

  15. In 2003 I hitch-hiked from Mexico City to Santiago in Chile, through Central America and 9 countries in total.

  16. I can get very emotional in front of a sitcom and keep my cool in life threatening situations.

  17. I think it is creepy that several hundred people have landed on my site because they have Googled my full name.

  18. I am guilty of a bit of google stalking myself.

  19. I have dreamed about opening a delicatessen for a while, with gourmet cheese, wine and cold cuts.

  20. I can’t run for a mile but I can cycle for 100 miles in a day.

  21. I went from Guatemala City to Cancún Mexico with my bicycle, that was about 1000 miles with detours to visit ruins and beaches. Took me three weeks.

  22. I met my last boyfriend online. We chated for almost three years before we met, then dated for four years.

  23. My dream house has a big living room with an open kitchen, a chimney and a huge window overlooking nature. Climate may be hot for a chimney in Guatemala but I am getting close!

  24. I only knew the East coast of the US until last year. In 2011 I crossed from San Diego to Seattle to Chicago to Washington DC on a motorcycle and visited many states.

  25. I was a girl scout for 9 years. I didn’t enjoy camping much back then because the other girls were too complicated. Now I love to camp in the middle of nowhere.

  26. I am afraid of falling and biting my tongue. This is a recurring dream, with a small piece of my tongue falling out of my mouth.

  27. I hate flying since I have been in a huge storm. During the last storm I got up, poured myself a drink while the attendants were begging me to sit down, and went back to my seat to forget the storm with alcohol.

  28. I love wine and beer. Not whisky and most hard liquors.

  29. I used to drive a UK car with the wheel on the right while living in Morocco. People were worried there was no one driving.

  30. I own 56 bulls.

  31. I have never had a fine in my life and always refused to pay corrupted policemen too. Lost two hours the last time one tried to fine me for a crime I didn’t commit and confiscated my passport. But he didn’t get a dime.

  32. I am a huge procrastinator, but if I like what I do, I will probably do it ten times faster than most people.

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  1. I LOVE these get to know me posts! And I’m so jealous of all the languages you can speak, I can only speak English :)
    Michelle recently posted..Spending, Life, Income, Food Updates…My Profile

  2. First off happy birthday. I do a lot of traveling but you make my life sound boring :-)
    Sean @ One Smart Dollar recently posted..Entrepreneur Magazine Subscription for $4.00 – New or RenewalMy Profile

  3. Sweet list! I hope you’re enjoying your new home :-) You are amazingly talented with language, I am also jealous.
    Learning to make cheese is on my to-do list as well. I have a book and know where to get the cultures, but haven’t done anything other than ricotta yet.
    Anne @ Unique Gifter recently posted..Care Package Gift IdeasMy Profile

  4. Tackling Our Debt says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope your journey is going well. You have done more in 32 years than many of us do in a lifetime. :-)
    Tackling Our Debt recently posted..Blog Post Swap: Sharing a PF Interview with Natalie from Debt and the GirlMy Profile

  5. Wow, what a great getting to know you post! Those are some crazy things…this blogging world is so interesting!

    I was going to try Foie Gras when I visited Minneapolis last week but the restaurant we wanted to go to was booked with reservations all night. Maybe another time!
    Jason @ WorkSaveLive recently posted..1-Year Blogoversary Giveaway! Apple iPad Mini, $100 Amazon GC, $50 Paypal Cash!My Profile

  6. Great getting to know you more! You are incredibly adventurous! I hate snoring too (especially if someone is on a plane next to me). I think it’s amazing you speak 6 languages! Very impressive!
    Budget & the Beach recently posted..Week in Review-10/28/12-I Buy FitnessMy Profile

    • I had a man snoring next to me at the airport and when I got up I hit him so hard with my luggage the poor guy woke up like the world was ending!! There should be a website with the worst thing people do to snorers…

  7. Happy Birthday! Please explain the owning of 56 bulls….
    Catherine recently posted..Paying More For Loyalty?My Profile

  8. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. You must be in really good shape doing all that cycling. Happy belated birthday :0)
    Liquid recently posted..Mortgage Lending RulesMy Profile

    • not really, at least not enough for the work on the house that I am doing now, it´s hard! I guess this will put me back in shape over the next few months. Thanks for the bday wishes!

  9. Happy Birthday. You are terribly more adventurous that I could ever be. Were your parents like that also? I’d love to know how someone can steal a piano. Not like you can hide it under your coat.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..What Happens Before and After Foreclosure?My Profile

    • My grandfather was the adventurous kind and gave the bug to most of my cousins and myself. I’ll have a post on a stolen piano and other lost money stories soon!

  10. Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy says:

    I am intrigued by the bulls as well. Yes, more on that, please. Happy Birthday!
    Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy recently posted..Muddled Monday with Some Link Crushin’My Profile

  11. Veronica @ Pelican on Money says:

    Hey! Happy Birthday! “I speak six languages well, and know how to get by in half a dozen more”. – WOW What do you do with 56 bulls? lol. There are so many interesting facts about you here, very intriguing individual! I wish I were half as interesting.
    Veronica @ Pelican on Money recently posted..Cool Giveaway at WorkSaveLiveMy Profile

  12. Jefferson @SeeDebtRun says:

    You are awesome, Pauline.. I love these type of posts..

    And I also think it is great that you are willing to push beyond people’s stereotypes to try different foods.. I love having an open mind about food.. It really helps to experience life more fully..

    Jefferson @SeeDebtRun recently posted..Consumer Driven Health Plans – A Good Option?My Profile

    • Thank you Jefferson! Well, my mind is just a little bit open, most food trials happened because I didn’t understand the word for what I was eating and only checked it afterwards!! What is the strangest food you have had?

  13. “I love wine and beer. Not whisky and most hard liquors.” Complete opposite of you 😉

    Thanks for sharing all those facts! I also am an introvert!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..How To Clean Your Gutters Without A LadderMy Profile

  14. Funny how several of us bloggers claim to be introverts. I am quite an introvert myself. I am with you on the being barely able to run, but having the endurance to cycle. I find running so boring! lol. The bf and I did a bike ride from Niagara on the Lake to Niagara Falls and back over the summer. It was a lot of fun!
    MakintheBacon$ recently posted..All Aboard the Inca Trail Express- Part IIMy Profile

    • I guess it is easier for introverts to communicate behind a screen. Niagara Falls must have been lovely cycling, I wish airlines would be more bicycle friendly, I would explore more with my bike.

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