Three ways to save time in the kitchen

We are all busy, and we all want to spend time doing things that are important to us, be it spending more time with the kids, enjoying a hobby or focusing on our careers. Not doing routine tasks like cooking. Still, today I want to show you that there are ways to save time in the kitchen, so you still get to eat a healthy homemade meal without spending hours preparing it.

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October blog income and stats

Happy Monday! Better late than never, I finally got it together and tallied the blog income for October, click here to read more about it on Make Money Your Way!

Little house in Guatemala, it was 2 years ago…

Want to buy my place? Get in touch!

I can’t believe it was two years ago when I arrived in Guatemala with only one suitcase, ready to live in the remote Northern region of Petén, where (my now ex-)BF and I had bought a house I had never seen but in pictures. Here is a small recap of all that has happened…

It was an old house by the lake, almost abandoned. The previous owner hadn’t been there in years [Read more...]

A Step By Step Guide on How to Get Out of Debt

get out of debt

Combating debt can be a perilous task. You may not know where to start. You may feel that you have nowhere to turn to. But, you don’t have to be burdened by debt any longer. On the contrary, you can ensure that you are living a debt free life for the long term. [Read more...]

Why Investing is Not Gambling

Why Investing is Not Gambling

It’s human nature to have a fear of the unknown.  And when it comes to money things are no different. One of the main things I see that really holds people back from investing or even opening a retirement account is the fact they really struggle with understanding how the market works.  They can’t help shake the feeling that they are “gambling” with their money and livelihood. [Read more...]

Will you help me? What is the best gift you ever gave or received?

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it the pressure to buy the perfect gift for the ones you love. Will you help me and share the best gift you ever gave or received?

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The place you live in is what you do with it

guest house guatemala

I often see posts about “10 best cities for *insert here: students, graduates, families, raising a dog, GLBT, living on a low salaries, retirees…*” it goes on and on. Well for me, there is no perfect city, for anyone. New York is the dream for many, but it is crazy expensive and the weather is horrible. Chicago winters? No, thanks. SF? The ocean is crazy cold most of the year. Yet, those places, and all the places, have tons of amazing things to offer to anyone who is willing to explore and be open. [Read more...]

Finding the Right Loan That Meets Your Need


The most important decision you will ever make (other than who you marry) is buying your first home, or really any home for that matter. The next most important decision is the type of mortgage loan you are going to take out. This might seem minor in comparison, but paying for a house is easily the largest cost you will ever take on in your lifetime. I am on my second home right now and I sometimes wonder if I would’ve been better off renting. But if done right, buying a house can be one of the smartest financial decisions you can make. A quality home in a good area will appreciate in value, and with the right loan you can avoid paying more than is necessary. So, what does the “right loan” mean? Simple, just read below. [Read more...]

Thrift Savings Plan Provides a Fantastic Means of Saving for Retirement

Thrift Savings Plan Provides a Fantastic Means of Saving for Retirement

For U.S. Government Employees, the Thrift Savings Plan Can Provide a Fantastic Means of Saving for Retirement.
When it comes to retirement, there are a number of options available – and one of them is a 401(k) if you work for private corporation. If you don’t work in the private sector and are a government employee it’s important to note that you may have another option available to you for your retirement savings and investing: the Thrift Savings Plan.
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Make yourself a 10 grand investment fortune


Start thinking because you could be in with a chance by playing a cool online treasure hunt over the next 10 days. Crowdfunding network Money&Co. opened up the Fortune Finder hunt today where you have the chance to win an investment fortune of £10,000 as well as prizes of investment worth £1,000. [Read more...]