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BIG anniversary $500 cash or iPad mini 64gb giveaway


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If I’m Living Outside of the Country how easy is it for me to get a Home Loan?




These days it’s a lot more common for US citizens to be living and working overseas; if this applies to you it doesn’t mean that you will never want to purchase property at home. You may be looking to have somewhere to stay if you return to the country to visit, or you may be looking for a property that you can use as an investment now with the potential to use it as your home if you come back to live in the country permanently.

Whatever your reason for wanting to purchase a property you may want to secure a home loan in order to do so. The questions is, are you able to do this and how easy will you find the process?

The question of tax

A home loan provider will often use an applicant’s tax details for the previous two years when reaching a decision on a home loan application. This may be a problem if you are living and working overseas; it really depends on your circumstances. Many US citizens will be located in a different country but be working for a US based company. If you are in this situation then it’s likely you will still be paying tax to the IRS.

You will therefore have a record of your income which can be used in the home loan application process. If you are settled overseas, and working for a foreign employer, then you are going to experience difficulties. You are probably going to be paying tax in your country of residence and you are aren’t going to have the same level of proof to give to a lender. In this case it’s going to be difficult for you to get a home loan from a US based lender. You can read more about fixed rate home loans on the NPBS website – how they can help you & your family.

The question of credit

Another potential issue, if you’re residing overseas, is that you may not have a credit history in the US. If you’ve been away from the country for many years this is likely to be the case. Home loan providers use credit reports in the loan decision process so if you haven’t got any credit history this is going to count against you. There is no way for the lender to see how reliable you are in making payments.

How do overseas investors do it?

It’s not impossible for an overseas investor to secure a loan from a US financial institution but they usually have cash available to at least pay for the majority of their purchase, or they have been financed in their home country. If you aren’t paying taxes to the IRS then you’re likely to be treated similarly to one of these investors and it’s going to be very difficult for you to get a loan from a US based provider. Your best option is to seek financial advice from a professional who will help you to explore what options may be available to you.

When does Trend Following Not Work

Over at Make Money Your Way, today Troy continues about the investing for beginners series and now he will talk about when does trend following not work?

Click here to find out..

Can You Save Money By Using an Online Estate Agent?


You can do pretty much anything on the internet these days, and predictably, selling your home is no different at all. There are a variety of companies to choose from, wherever you live and whatever type of property you have. The question though, is whether it’s any better to do things online, or whether you’d be better off going down to your traditional bricks and mortar estate agent.

Cost is always going to be one of the number one considerations you make when you sell your house. Not only do you want to get the most you can for the property, you also don’t want to be spending a fortune on fees, as this will simply eat into your budget for your next home, or the cash you’re looking to raise. Estate agent fees can spiral quite easily, which is why they’re often a deal breaker when choosing which company to go with.

The simple fact is that a normal, physical estate agent is going to cost you more to market your home. The main reason for this is that they’ll have much higher overheads, because they need to maintain an actual business premises; a place for people to come and talk to the agents and view properties. They may also have a website that costs money to run. With an online-only company however, it’s likely that they’ll be able to keep costs down, which is reflected in the fees that they charge you. This won’t be the case for every single company, and there are often different packages to choose from, but it’s generally a pretty good rule of thumb.

One other major reason that can make online agents cheaper is that it is far easier to compare prices for a product online. This means that companies have it tough to compete for your custom – they know that you’ll have scouted out all of your options, and must make their offering as attractive as possible in order to win it. Only the companies offering the best combination of price and service can be successful on the internet. Places like House Network Ltd will even give you a free valuation, all online.

So if you’re looking to buy or sell in the near future, then take a look at all of the options that are online. It’s certainly a slightly different process to the one you might be used to, but there are several major benefits. If cost is an issue for you then there are few better options.

Are Virtual Offices the Future?


It’s certainly no secret that renting offices can be expensive. While they are absolutely essential to many businesses, it can be an expense that some smaller ones struggle to meet. Sometimes it can even be difficult justifying the price at all, particularly if your small business is mobile, or you’re a freelancer who prefers to work from home. But still, you need an address don’t you? Fortunately, virtual offices are becoming increasingly common, and they could well be the answer to your problems.

In short, a virtual office is a service whereby you have an address that people can send you letters and use as your registered address, and staff that can manage your administration needs and answer calls, but there’s no physical space. This means that you can give your customers and clients almost all of the usual services and points of contact that they’d expect, but without having to actually maintain an office. They’ll still be able to call, leave messages and send you documents. You’ll also have the confidence that’s afforded when you display a permanent address to your clients.

The upshot is that this can save a huge amount of money. As you can imagine, the price per month of a virtual office is nowhere near the cost of renting out an office and paying for things like upkeep, maintenance, cleaning, insurance and staffing. You’re only actually paying for the service of having your mail delivered, and admin staff to deal with all of your enquiries. After all, this is all you really need isn’t it?

There’s also a much greater degree of flexibility afforded to you when you choose to go virtual. Firstly, not having an office means you’re not restricted in where you work; you can be mobile or at home. Secondly, you aren’t tied down in the same way as you would be if renting an office. Businesses grow, and it can be annoying having to stay in one place because your lease has several months to run.

Take a look at companies like Landmark PLC if you think that a virtual office might be the solution to your problems. It won’t be for every small business, as it’s sometimes essential to be located at a physical address, but you might be surprised at just how easy it can be to simply use a virtual one.