When Money’s Tight, A Payday Advance Loan Can Make All The Difference



In 2015, millions of people in this country will find themselves unexpectedly short on money. This can happen for a wide variety of reasons. You might have last-minute expenses during the week. You might incur medical bills for expensive medications and treatments. You might have emergency home repairs. In any case, a payday loan can help make all the difference when attempting to meet all of your bills. However, finding the right lending company is vital when you need help.The organization you choose should employ responsible lending policies that encourage people to engage in intelligent borrowing. This is essential if you are going to borrow without long-term problems. [Read more...]

Whatever comes out of your mouth is a lie if your actions don’t follow


Right after college, I went on a round the world trip for a year. No, I didn’t charge my credit cards and delay my student loans, I saved aggressively during college by working a wide variety of jobs, graduated with savings, bought a rental property and set off to see the world. [Read more...]

Is debt consolidation a good idea?

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For people who have several loans and different repayment plans at various times of the month, the idea of taking out a debt consolidation loan, such as the ones from Evolution Money, may be appealing. This type of loan works by consolidating all of your debts together. Rather than paying back individual debts at different times, one loan is used to manage existing debts in a single monthly repayment. [Read more...]

Little house in Guatemala, February 2015


You know you aren’t updating your blog nearly enough when you had time to build half a house since the last update…

Since November, I have been in full construction mode, although the builders took two weeks off around Christmas and I managed to escape all of January and spent a month in Europe. For the past two months, I have had a staff of between 10 and 20 people work six days a week on the house. I generally go on site (about a mile away from my current place) twice a day, to make sure they put all the electric and water pipes, and remember to leave holes for windows, the kind of stuff they’d say “oh, sorry, we forgot”, but which would mean demolishing a full wall to put back in the right place. And while they would work for free to fix it, or better said quote me twice the price to take into account potential mistakes and extra work at the end, I still have to pay for the extra materials they use in fixing errors. [Read more...]

Are you confused about your finances?

confused about your finances

We have talked a lot here about financial education, and how it should be a mandatory topic for all young adults, even before they go to college. One of my most popular posts here talks about how getting an early start with my finances made all the difference, and how graduating college debt-free allowed me to save and invest my way to early financial independence. However, it was not an easy road, as many of my peers looked at me like I was speaking in a foreign language when I explained that I was saving part of my income and investing it for my future, and those were the kindest people, many made fun of me for not YOLO-ing my way through college. You can’t blame them for that, blame their lack of financial education. [Read more...]

7 Ways to Increase Credit Scores Rapidly

credit score

It’s one thing to work your way slowly out of debt to increase your credit score. It’s a different beast if you need an auto or home loan, to rent an apartment, or need other types of financing immediately. When timing is of the essence, these seven methods will help you increase your credit score rapidly. [Read more...]

Frugal Hound Sniffs Napoleon


Today my little Great Dane Napoleon is being sniffed over at Frugal Woods, and tells Frugal Hound everything about is lazy and spoiled lifestyle.

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Getting Back to Zero: Be Money Conscious

Good morning everyone! Please help me welcome John and David A.K.A. the Debt Free Guys, who want to help you live a debt free life over at Savvy Scot!

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January 2015 blog income and stats recap

Morning! There is a new blog income recap over at Make Money Your Way, click to check it out!

Planning Your Monthly Household Budget

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I can’t believe it is February already. The past month has been a blur, and I haven’t set yearly goals yet, as every time I try to write down something, life gets in the way. That is how you stop watching your finances and wonder why there isn’t anything left at the end of the month… Not good! So today let’s all get into financial shape for the new year and talk about how you can plan for your monthly household budget. It is less scary than it seems, you just need to figure out what is coming in, and what is going out every month. [Read more...]