3 Signs that You’re Ready to Open a Live Forex Account


No one should get into any form of investment without their eyes wide open. This is especially true for unfamiliar or fast-paced forms of investment, of which Forex will be an example for many. Nonetheless, Forex remains an excellent choice for new traders willing to learn the finer points of a new system. Most of these individuals find that Forex is actually pretty simple, and hands-on in a way that other, more traditional forms of investment simply aren’t. Forex has found a new user base in the expanding reach of the World Wide Web, and it won’t stop growing anytime soon. If you have familiarized yourself with how Forex works, or if you are considering if for the first time, here are three signs that you are ready to open up a live account with an online Forex broker.


  1. You’ve Done Well With a Demo Account. Many Forex brokers like Tickmill offer free demo accounts to their users. These accounts give a user all the possibilities, decision-making power, and platform sophistication of a live Forex account. The only difference? There’s no financial risk, as demo accounts don’t allow the user to gain or lose real money. It’s an excellent model to provide a safe space to learn. New users will cultivate their Forex investment skills quickly. After a period of success and learning, it may be appropriate to open up a live Forex account with Tickmill.


  1. You Understand Currency Markets. Currencies change value, relative to one another, all the time. Everybody knows this, but few people understand the underlying causes of these value changes. These may be political, social, cultural, financial, or (usually) all of the above. There are even causes unrelated to these broad considerations that play a factor in these complex economic developments. Some successful users have a broad knowledge of all or most currencies. Others specialize in one or two. Insight on this level enables Forex traders to make educated investment decisions. For those hoping to improve their Forex trading skills, research into one or more international currencies, and the forces which shape them, would be a great place to start.


  1. You Have a Knowledge of Other Investment Forms. Because Forex investments can mature in hours or weeks, this investment form will be suited to the needs of some investors, and not others. Some investors will be better suited with long-term investments, like mutual funds or real estate. Others will want to see a payoff in the short term, and Forex works very well for these. Some people will include Forex investments in their portfolio to provide a balance between short- and long-term investments, making Forex a useful option for all sorts of people.


Forex is complex, but well within the capacity of most traders to master. Many traders find Forex enjoyable, and the easy-to-use online platforms available through Tickmill make it a part of their everyday. If you have tried Forex casually, or simply learned about it from top finance blogs and other sources, it may be time to try out a live account.



4 reasons to study accounting

4 reasons to study accounting

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Cover your losses: when you suffer a workplace accident


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5 Scenarios When Buying is Better than Renting

5 Scenarios When Buying is Better than Renting

The American Dream is centered around owning your own home. In fact, a house has become a status symbol of sorts. But it doesn’t always mean you’ve made it. Especially in times of economic downturn, we’ve heard countless stories of people’s homes going into foreclosure. Is being a homeowner really all that’s it cracked up to be? Yes and no.

Buying a home can be a very profitable investment. And it also symbolizes a long term future for you and your family. But it’s not always the wisest financial decision. While throwing money away on rent can be a tough pill to swallow, it may be the smarter choice. Let’s take a look at 5 scenarios when buying is better than renting. [Read more...]

Pay Rises and Promotions: Smart Steps to Make the Most of a Good Thing

courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

If your career is progressing nicely in an upward direction, there is a fair chance that your efforts will be rewarded with a promotion and a pay rise.

Getting an extra amount of money in your bank account gives you a number of options and allows you the chance to improve your short and long term financial position.

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What You Should Think About PayPal


PayPal is everywhere — and it’s getting bigger. No longer just a point-of-sale system for online merchants, PayPal has become the de facto method of payment across industries. Friends can use PayPal to swap cash, freelancers can effortlessly collect fees from clients, and charities can even host online fundraisers to rake in digital donations. Plus, PayPal has branched into the real world, offering credit and debit cards that work just as well offline. Is PayPal the way of the future?

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What You Can Learn about Finance from the Nation’s Top Businesses


You can learn a lot about personal finance by looking at the growth of the nation’s largest corporations. How does a small business grow into a household name with offices or franchises around the world? How do you grow your wealth in a similar manner? It’s all about risk management, marketing, accounting, and balancing a budget.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll read about different corporations who’ve thrived in their markets, and outlasted  and out-earned their competition. No matter your opinion on these corporations, there’s no denying you know who they are, and that they’re worth a fortune. Here’s what you can learn about building your personal wealth from the nation’s biggest corporations. [Read more...]

The Power of an Emergency Fund

The Power of an Emergency Fund

Good morning everyone! This article is contributed by Saving & Happy. For greater detail on this topic please visit the website at www.savingandhappy.com or http://savingandhappy.com/2015/08/the-importance-of-an-emergency-fund/.

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9 Home Improvements That Will Increase Your Property Value


Maybe you’re thinking of selling in a few years. Maybe you’re putting your house on the market tomorrow. No matter what your schedule looks like, here are just nine ways to ensure that you get the most money out of selling your home.

1. Decks
Decks are a great way to boost the value of your home without needing to shell out thousands on your end. An attractive deck will recoup most if not all of its building price, and it will also make your own time in the home a more pleasant one. [Read more...]