Little house in Guatemala, month 21

guest house guatemala

Time for a new life and house update, click here if you would like to see the Guatemala archives.

It has been another busy month around here, as I had to get back to real life after my brother visited for a full month and BF and I broke up. I came back home from the city after dropping my brother at the airport, not feeling like doing much, and thankfully, while I was away, the guys worked hard on the house, and while they had packed their tools and left, I came back to half a dozen guests to keep me company. [Read more...]

Side hustle ideas, part 9

It is time for another instalment of the awesome side hustle ideas series. Here is the link to part 2part 3 part 4part 5  part 6 part 7 and part 8 as well if you missed them. And today I have got some more for you!  Check it out over at Make Money Your Way.


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And on Savvy Scot, I share how you can make healthier versions of junk food at home.

Charity pledge for education, September update


Since I started Make Money Your Way mid 2013, I took a pledge to give 10% of my blogging income to support children education in my village. As you may have read in a previous update about the project, I gave two scholarships to the best two students of middle school so they can go to high school 150 miles away for the next three years.

The expected cost for boarding school is around $2,500 per kid, per year, so $15,000 over the next three years. Yep, I need to make $150,000 blogging :).

Last time I updated I had $490 left after all the summer projects, plus $574 from September’s income, I have $1,064. [Read more...]

How to survive a breakup financially


After a few months of ups and downs, BF and I are over. While it has been a little while since we broke up, I needed to be completely over it to announce it to the world.And you may still see mentions of him here and there, as I have some pre-breakup posts in my queue. We came to an agreement about how to split our three properties in common, the lakeside plot with the little house, the 90 acres land development and the second beach plot in front of it. [Read more...]

Life is how you want to see it

Today on Savvy Scot, I talk about how life is how you want to see it, and how having a positive opinion of yourself and your goals can help you achieve way more than you thought possible.

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And on Make Money Your Way, Troy discusses Risk management for trend followers.

Should you accept money from your parents?

Should you accept money from your parents?

I read a few posts lately about generational wealth transfer, and now that I am in my mid 30s, I still have friends around who think nothing of having their parents pay their rent (“but I HAVE to live in a 2 bed place, and I can’t afford it!”), cell phone plan (“but it’s cheaper because it is a family plan”), or any other splurge (“they paid for my ticket to Bali otherwise I couldn’t have gone”). [Read more...]

Legal Intrigue on Playing Poker Online in US Special Focus on California

online poker

To make an internet gambling legal, there is an intense drive in the California state. One of the major steps that have been taken for legalizing the online gambling is to introduce free poker websites. is the online gambling websites where players can enjoy their favorite poker game without use of money. [Read more...]

Side hustle series, part 8

It is time for another instalment of the awesome side hustle ideas series. Here is the link to part 2part 3 part 4part 5 , part 6 and part 7 as well if you missed them. And today I have got some more for you! Check it out over at Make Money Your Way!

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And over at Savvy Scot, I am happy to have my VA Clarisse who is a Christmas enthusiast, talk about frugal Christmas decorations.

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Ways to Save Up for Christmas Shopping

save christmas shopping

Every year, it seems that Christmas creeps up on us suddenly and without warning. Gone are the balmy days of summer and we now find that we are only weeks away from this memorable holiday. Unfortunately, Christmas is also associated with a great deal of financial stress. Do you find that your finances are nowhere near where you thought they would be? Are you concerned that the holiday season may place an additional strain on what may already prove to be a tight budget? Put your fears aside, for there are several ways to ameliorate this situation. [Read more...]

10 things to note about Guatemalan real estate


Last week, I talked about what $250,000 to $1m can get you on the Guatemalan property market. It was a long post so I split that second part about the specifics of Guatemalan real estate. [Read more...]