How Cancelling Social Media Can Fatten Your Wallet


Everybody knows that social media wastes time. And time is money. I could stop this article right there, but I don’t think that would be very convincing. What I hope to unfold for you is how cutting the digital umbilical cord is making a difference for real people and their money. The average American now spends about an hour on Facebook alone, every day. That number is much higher among some demographics. Among all social media combined, certain populations never really leave. For many of us, we’re always connected, always receiving information, always engaging, at least on some level. The question I want to ask is, is this best for us and our money? Here’s how I look at it. [Read more...]

Did You Know that Giving Away this Information Could Leave You Open to Identity Fraud?


Say what you like about identity fraudsters, but there’s one thing you can’t deny: they’re clever. With just a few snippets of information, they can build up a detailed picture of your identity and use that to pose as you. Though a lot of people are savvy enough nowadays to make sure passports, IDs, bank cards, bank statements and suchlike are destroyed, many don’t realise that giving away seemingly innocuous pieces of information can be all an identity thief needs – so think twice before you part with any of the following details. [Read more...]

5 ways to invest in your home and save money


Everyone wishes to find ways to save money around the household, yet when home improvements are required it can be difficult to stop such developments from affecting your bank account. There is however a number of ways to make small yet effective changes to the household without breaking your bank account, some of those changes are even easy to do yourself in a couple of hours and for a low cost. [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Invest in South Florida Real Estate


Lately, it looks like South Florida real estate prices are on their way back to pre-crisis level, but the question always remains as to whether that sudden surge of interest for the real estate market will remain strong, or the bubble will burst once more.

The bottom was hit around 2011, and prices have been on the way up ever since. If we have all seen stories of things going sour, homeowners unable to pay their maintenance fees, buildings deteriorating as a result, or more and more foreclosure signs on the sidewalk, South Florida remains a strong real estate market, take a look to the marvelous properties currently available for sale and consider these points if you are interested in investing there: [Read more...]

Discover How to Avoid the Worst Mistake When Trying to Earn More Money

Over at Make Money Your Way, I have a guest post from Bill Achola he is a financial publisher who owns a fast-growing, dynamic and innovative investment blog that empowers investors to make the right decision. He will tell you about his $10,000 investment plan and how you can use it to avoid the worst mistakes when trying to make more money.

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Greece and the Continuing Cycle of Debt: Why Long-term Solutions are needed


At first glance, the UK economy and financial landscape seem to be in robust health. From a thriving job market to rising rental and property market values, Britain is continuing to soar on an upward curve of growth and prosperity.

All may not be as it seems, however, especially with the Greek financial crisis continuing to rear its ugly head. With debt continuing to peak and on-going talks scheduled with the IMF (International Monetary Fund), we have reached a point where the lack of a long-term resolution could have a serious impact on the global economy. [Read more...]

Where to Save the Most Money on Your Budget

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Life is known for throwing curveballs. You may be on a tight budget already but it seems that you are not saving enough money or you are still just barely making ends meet. Today, we are discussing where you can save the most money on your budget so you can relieve some stress from your life. [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Housing Expenses

5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Housing Expenses

Good morning everyone! This article is contributed by Tina Roth a personal finance blogger at PROFinance blog. She is commerce graduate and form Florida, USA. She loves to write about money and finance management. To know more about her click hereLet me know if you would like to guest post on RFI.

In a recent discussion with one of my friends, I came to know that he pays more than a thousand dollar as rent. I was almost electrified! That was nearly half of my monthly earning. I live in a suburb and pay only $500 and for the sum my friend is spending every month, I would have rented a mini mansion.

Paying too much on renting definitely puts middle-class people in a serious money crunch. [Read more...]

Student Loans and Financial Stability

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With tuition rates skyrocketing, the chief concern of many is figuring out how to pay for college. The high cost of attending college is also ruling out parents as an option for financing an education. While many parents have the ability to help pay for college, it is rare to be able to pay for it out of pocket, especially if there is more than one college age student in the family. [Read more...]

How You Can Tell When the Time Is Right for a Loan

cost of cashing on annuities

There was a time when the only way to acquire goods or services was to pay for them with cash on hand. If you did not have the cash, you did not get the good or service. There were no exceptions to this rule. Part of the value system in this country was that you never borrow money. “Neither a borrower, nor a lender, be. Do not forget. Stay out of debt” are words that still ring true to some in our society even today. [Read more...]