How You Can Tell When the Time Is Right for a Loan

cost of cashing on annuities

There was a time when the only way to acquire goods or services was to pay for them with cash on hand. If you did not have the cash, you did not get the good or service. There were no exceptions to this rule. Part of the value system in this country was that you never borrow money. “Neither a borrower, nor a lender, be. Do not forget. Stay out of debt” are words that still ring true to some in our society even today. [Read more...]

Understanding the Difference Between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5


The trading platform that an investor selects can have a huge impact on their overall strategy and success. It influences everything from the tools at their disposal, to the type and scope of data available to them, the tactics they can use, and even the brokers they can choose from.

Two of the most popular platforms are MetaTrader 4 and its successor, MetaTrader 5. The latter was created and marketed as an improvement on the former, yet many still cleave to the earlier technology. If you’re one of the many trying to weigh up the differences between them, then here are a few things that you ought to know… [Read more...]

How me and my fiancee paid off $52k and saved $20k in our first 18 months out of college

How me and my fiancee paid off $52k and saved $20k in our first 18 months out of college

The road to financial freedom takes a toll.

It takes time, perseverance and determination (not to mention a total alignment with your partner). It doesn’t help that there are tools everywhere and the easy solutions never work.

In 21 months I went from having $17,000 in the bank to $52,000 in debt and then back to holding $20,000. I was 22.

This is my story and we hope it gives you strength.

At the end of this article, I’m giving away a guide to the top four money tools that we used in our financial journey (one of them is completely free), so make sure to read all the way to the end.

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Brexit: Will the UK leave the European Union?


One of the big debates after Britain’s general election on May 7th is what is commonly referred as Brexit: the possibility of the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union. As David Cameron’s Conservative Party won a majority on the last elections, one of the promises made to voters is to hold a referendum in 2017 regarding the UK’s European membership. [Read more...]

Health Requirements for Long Term Care Insurance

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If you’ve ever bought insurance, you know how big of a role your health plays in your eligibility, and you know that the more health problems you have the less likely you’re going to get the coverage you need. As an insurance agent, I have seen people who want to get a policy but are unable to qualify because they have something in their medical history that knocks them out. So, if you plan on getting any kind of coverage, you should do it while you’re still healthy, and you should definitely not put it off. Long term care insurance is no exception to that rule, as underwriters for these types of policies go through the same rigorous check as any other type of insurance. [Read more...]

The Beginners Guide to Stock Trading – 5 Kinds of Stocks to Choose From



There are two categories of stocks: Preferred stocks and Common stocks. Preferred stocks are similar to bonds; they provide fixed returns. Preferred shareholders are entitled to money in profitable times for the company and assets in case the company goes bankrupt. Preferred stocks generally have dividends that have to be paid out before dividends to common shareholders and the shareholders usually do not have voting rights. In short, preferred shareholders face limited risk and they are mainly interested in dividends. Very few companies offer preferred stocks.

As a result, most investors invest in common stocks. The greater part of investors is found in this category. Common shareholders face more risk than preferred shareholders, but they have more voting power and can elect a board of directors or vote on corporate policies at the annual general meetings. On average these shares perform better than preferred stocks over time.

In order to improve the knowledge of stock trading, there are five kinds of common stocks that need to be discussed: Growth, Income, Blue Chip, Value and Recurring stocks.

Growth stocks: Also known as Glamor stocks, these are stocks which are likely to hike in prices. They grow faster than the economy and sometimes outgrow the stock market itself. These stocks appeal to investors because they have nominal risk and over the long term they can provide a good profit. Most technology companies are growth stocks.

Income stocks:These stocks hand out a large part of its profits to investors. Income stocks pay up to 60% to investors as dividends. They are largely unaffected by the ups and downs of the market and investors are self-assured that they will receive dividends.

Blue Chip stocks:If you guessed that this name came from the poker game, you would be right. They have the highest values and are sector or industry leaders. Being big companies, they have been around for a long time and as a result have strong fundamentals. They pay regular dividends. Though their prices don’t grow very much, they are good options for the long term.

Value stocks:They are under priced stocks with high potential of growth. They sell below their real value, thus making them highly appealing to investors. One way of looking at value stocks is that they are stocks which can be bought at a discount and have the greatest potential to outperform the market. Investing in these stocks is focused on the long term and therefore they are best suited for retirement investing.

Recurring stocks:These are stocks whose performances are dictated by the changes in the economy. If the economy grows, so does the stocks and vice versa. Hence the best time to invest in recurring stocks is when the economy is on a rise.

Choosing the right type of stock to invest in is of paramount importance, and hopefully you will be able to do just that with the help of this guide.

Car Purchasing Tips to Save You Money


Having your own car can provide you with the independence and freedom to go wherever you like. However, the car buying process can be an emotional journey. The following tips can help you save money and avoid unnecessary scams when purchasing a vehicle. [Read more...]

Smart forex investment through genuine and meaningful reviews


These days every individual needs to ensure that apart from regular income he/she also needs to have additional source of income or get their money invested into some financial plans where it can reap profit. A practical and smart financial planning always includes right investment where people may get regular returns and this is also the need of the hour for every individual as well as household. A right financial planning is the source of relaxation and motivation to keep going in life and this is the reason it is always advised to start early and make a solid foundation so as to investment and savings become your habit. There are multiple options of investment out of which people prefer online trading and forex trading these days because of healthy returns. [Read more...]

Start Investing with $100 or Less

Many people delay investing due to limited funds. However, there are several options that can be started for under $100.

Here are 4 choices that may deserve a place in your investment portfolio: [Read more...]

Why you can be a bad trader and still make money

Happy Tuesday everyone! Over at Make Money Your Way, Rolf from explains the importance of risk reward ratio and how to use it.

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