11 Self Made Millionaires Share Their Top Tips to Aspiring Millionaires

Secrets of Real Millionaires What it Takes to Get There

What does it take to become a millionaire? These personal finance bloggers worth over seven figures share the tips that helped them get there. [Read more…]

Buy no groceries for a month challenge: 2 weeks update


I am on a challenge to buy no groceries except fruits and vegetables for a full month. I decided to enter the challenge after I’d gone back home to the jungle, so didn’t previously shop in anticipation. I am doing the challenge because I hate going shopping all the time (on a normal month I last 10-15 days between supermarket runs) and also because I’m only here for a month, and my house is hot and humid, so products go bad quicker than usual. [Read more…]

Keep More Money in Your Pockets with 9 Easy Ways to Save


The average person spends about 30% or more of their income on housing costs. From paying the rent or mortgage to the groceries and utilities, the head of household has a lot of financial responsibilities. Though you need a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and three square meals a day, you don’t have to go bankrupt to afford it. With a few simple changes to your shopping habits and daily routines, you can keep a bit more cash in your pocket. [Read more…]

Ways to Make Extra Money That Are Actually Fun!


I get it. You want to make extra money. Who doesn’t? But when you search about ways to get extra money, you are not inspired. That’s because a massive list of undesirable side jobs pops up. These are such jobs as delivering pizzas (what are you, a 16-year-old boy?), recycling cans (what are you, homeless?) and selling yourself on such platforms as TaskRabbit. No. Thank. You.

But now that we’ve got that ugliness out of the way, let’s focus on FUN ways to make extra money. Let’s get started having fun… I mean, making money. Because I believe the line between business and pleasure should be permeable. [Read more…]

Warning: These 22 unplanned emergencies could bust your budget!

Warning: These 22 unplanned emergencies could bust your budget!

Having an emergency fund is the best way to prevent budget busts, but are you prepared for everything? If you think you’re above it, think again. These 22 personal finance experts should have their sh*t together, yet read on as share their latest budget buster. [Read more…]

Divorce or Dissolution Smarts: Tips for Protecting Your Finances

divorce dissolution

If you are involved in a divorce, it can sometimes have a dramatic impact on your personal finances.

The fact that over 40% of marriages in the UK end in divorce, means that many of us will at some point need to negotiate a finance divorce settlement, so here is a look at some ways to survive the process, from a financial perspective. [Read more…]

7 Things To Do If You Win The Powerball Tomorrow


The jackpot of the Powerball for Wednesday January 13th has expected winnings of over $1.4 BILLION… Isn’t that crazy? What would you do with so much money? I have never had huge lump sums in my life, it is more like money has been piling up slowly but surely, and for as much as I would like to think I wouldn’t go crazy, I’d probably, just a little bit… So what to do if you actually win the lottery? [Read more…]

How I started investing at 10, graduated college with $100,000 in savings and will reach financial independence

How I started inVesting at 10

From Will Lipovsky, Owner and Founder of FirstQuarterFinance.com

I had a net worth just north of $100,000 when I graduated college at age 21.  I NEVER wanted money so I could become some rich guy who buys Ferraris on a whim.  I wanted to be my own boss, my own person – that was my motivation to get to financial independence ASAP.  Growing up, my future freedom pretty easily trumped any Saturday morning cartoon commercial begging me to buy the newest plastic toy. [Read more…]

Ups and downs of 2015


2015 was a crazy year. If you’ve noticed, there were barely any personal posts published so let’s recap.

I started the year in Madrid, Spain. I was visiting a few friends, but mostly one, and things didn’t really go as planned.  My brother was joining me from Paris, but because of the terrorist attacks he didn’t make his flight to Spain, so I spent a while in Paris too, to be with my family and friends.

Then I went back to Guatemala for a little while, my guest house is still working when I am away but sadly I haven’t found people with much initiative to manage it, so it is pretty stressful to oversee from the distance. Guest get lost getting there, they break things, have any kind of problems my staff isn’t prepared for, the power goes off for a couple of days, the dog meat stocked in the deep freezer thaws, and.so.on. [Read more…]

Taking the initiative: Tackling debt in your small business

debt small business

It isn’t just the way a business performs that governs whether it gets into trouble through debt. At any one time there can be multiple factors outside management control that can change the business landscape almost overnight.

Whether you are managing a family business or working as a sole trader or freelancer, the financial realities of running a business means that debt can rear its ugly head in various ways. The key to handling this commercial reality is taking the initiative when the situation arises and tackling problems head-on. [Read more…]

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